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September 2021

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Cleopatra VII marble bust in Altes museum Berlin

Cleopatra VII marble bust in Altes museum Berlin

During the ancient period, 33 dynasties divided into 9 periods (following mostly Manetho’s divisions made in 3rd century BC) ruled Egypt

Many of the rulers of Egypt were of different origin: Egypt was ruled by Hyksos dynasty, Canaanites, Libyan, Nubian, Persian, Macedonia and they all ruled the Egypt as Egyptian pharaohs.

I don’t know why especially Greek origin of the female ruler Cleopatra VII- Philopator – which is the most know from 7 Cleopatra’s – rulers of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt – takes such a negative attention.

Cleopatra VII strove to create a dynastic and political union between Egypt and Rome. Why is she rejected as “foreign ruler” of Egypt?

Her example can be very prominent in actual time, when “Western” civilization which sprung from Egyptian comes back to Egypt trying to divide and conquer instead of unite and flourish!


I wrote this flash story under the impression of the situation that happened in the distant family of my dear German friend Antje.
Heaven and Hell.
A young girl, just starting her adult life, innocent and naive wanted to know the different culture, life, and people. As a passionate dancer, she took a chance and came to Egypt to work as an animator in the hotel.
How wonderful life, she gets paid for something she likes.  Sun, beach, sea, relaxed people, and fun – those were bonuses.  Of course, also other animators; domestic dancers were performing interesting kind of entertainment, what she never saw before. Belly dance is considered to be a women’s specialty, but there are men performing it in a high style. Only a few men.
As we could predict, two dance lovers found love in each other.  The dance and interchanging of experience became a platform for a new relationship, for breaking barriers between two worlds.
As an honest man and right follower of his faith, he decided to marry her and bring her to the family.  Happy and satisfied they started their common life somewhere in the Giza, in his parent’s house.
Their honeymoon passed, but nothing was changing. Every next day was just like another day of their honeymoon.  Young man following his values became very satisfied, he got what he wanted: young and beautiful wife, regular sex, food and shelter over his head.  When he was enjoying his time by smoking shisha, his wife was making him company. He didn’t need to speak; he didn’t need to ask the questions, he didn’t need to solve any problem. Everything was perfect. He reached his Heaven.
For him, it was an exact picture of life as it supposed to be.  He didn’t need anything else, and he was not dreaming about anything else. He was ready to keep this status as long as his life will go.  Did anyone ever ask about something more than Haven? There is nothing nicer or better.  No human mind is able to think about something better!
His wife had a different point of view.  The first excitement evaporated and everything new became boring.  Her husband was not interested in any activities, just in a sex.  And between the sex there was his typical “sit with me”. She just realized that “sit with me” is nothing else only sitting.  To be present. No new ideas, no plans for the future, no dreaming about building new existence, no real life. Only sitting.
When she looked better around, she noticed that there is really nothing. No known people, no possibility to go “out”, no cinema, no dancing, no evening entertainments, no joy, no work, no desires. Only poor, primitive, boring, and stressful surviving.  There was not life around her. She found herself in a Hell.
How long time can I be able to exist here?  Not even a day more! And what was the most powerless feeling ever? Her husband didn’t understand what she is speaking about, what she wants!
Without any funds and without any understanding she was desperate and wanted to run away without looking back.  It was her luck, that there was someone understanding her.  Her family.


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